Eshragh Translators Network was founded in 2014 to help Iranian scholars, researchers, and students to publish their researches and scholarly works in global scale via online translation services. This translation network works with world-leading translation and editing companies. It has Euro Science Certificate in translation. Many Iranian academic institutions have trusted Eshragh Translators Network. The network works with experienced and well-educated Iranian and foreign translators and editors. Eshragh Translators Network pursues a client-centered policy and its staff is totally committed to this policy. Quality and commitment are two key elements of Eshragh Translators Network.


Eshragh Translators Company provides translation in almost all living languages the most popular and frequently demanded ones of which are English, German, Russian, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Azeri, Turkish, Arabic, Italian, Swedish, Korean, Chinese and Japanese.  

Our Services

Eshragh Translators Network translates academic, scientific, commercial and official documents. It also provides professional interpreters for conferences and commercial negotiations. The network offers high-quality editing services in all languages.   


Contact Us

Eshragh Translators Network is based in Tabriz northwest Iran. You can contact us in the following ways:

Via email: [email protected]

Address: Islamic Republic of Iran, East Azerbaijan, Tabriz, Imam Street, Mansouri Junction, Saman Computer Building, 6th floor, Eshragh Translators.

Tel. 00984133373424

Fax: 00984133347099

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